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At sjb medical we pride ourselves on making it easy for individuals to secure their next career step and for employers to find their ideal future talent. Crucial to the recruitment process is a well thought out and documented CV, which is ever more important in a competitive job market. sjb medical understands the needs of prospective employers at this first stage of selection. When a hiring manager might spend less than a minute looking at your CV the stakes are high. Not only is this a short time to make an impact but if spelling, grammar or chronology is wrong the CV in most cases will be discarded.

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Interview tips

Everyone is nervous at interviews. In order to reduce unnecessary anxiety it is best to prepare well ahead of the date. Here is a list of tips for you to maximise your impact at interview.

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Counter offer

It is often a real dilemma when your current employer makes you an offer to stay in their employment, usually a pay rise or a much wanted promotion or favourable change in condition. More often than not this will happen if an employer thinks you may be about to resign or as a result of your formal resignation.

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Experience tells us that talented people know other talented people. To reward your recommendations sjb medical is pleased to offer a referral gift following the successful hire of your friends or colleagues.

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From rural Britain to further afield, sometimes a change of environment is what is needed. Preparation is always key for life decisions such as changing home location. Speak to sjb medical if you are seeking something, or somewhere completely new. Our recruitment consultants will let you know of any potential new opportunities further afield than your current commute including overseas opportunities.

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